Burns & Allen: Muddling Through - George Burns, Gracie Allen

Burns & Allen: Muddling Through

By George Burns, Gracie Allen

  • Release Date: 2015-07-29
  • Genre: Arts & Entertainment
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Burns & Allen: Muddling Through George Burns, Gracie Allen

Summary : Burns & Allen: Muddling Through

They've been called the most successful husband and wife comedy team in history, and you'll find no dissension in these ranks. George Burns and Gracie Allen had a chemistry and wit about them that had no parallel. In this sampling of programs from the 1940s, George and Gracie face new livelihoods (and livestock) and mad undertakings (and misunderstandings). They budget and blunder alongside Bill Goodwin, Meredith Willson, Mel Blanc, and special guest Jack Benny. Let Gracie make you giggle through 16 digitally restored and remastered broadcasts.

Episodes include: "Marriage Contest", 02-07-46; "George's Job in Washington", 02-21-46; "Gracie's Marriage Service", 03-14-46; "Nobody Remembers George's Birthday", 09-19-46; "Gracie Babysits", 12-12-46; "Gracie Looks for a Job", 12-19-46; "Housewife's Guild", 01-02-47; "Gracie Takes Over the Household Budget", 02-27-47; "Kill the Rat", 03-13-47; "Crime Wave", 03-20-47; "Beating the High Cost of Living", 09-25-47; "Raising Chickens", 10-23-47; "Gracie Expects a Gift Pig from Cousin Henry", 11-06-47; "George and Jack Benny Are Gypsies", 01-08-48; "Income Tax Time", 01-15-48; "Turkey Swallows a Wedding Ring", 11-25-48.

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