F**k Him!: Nice Girls Always Finish Single  (Unabridged) - Brian Keephimattracted & Brian Nox

F**k Him!: Nice Girls Always Finish Single (Unabridged)

By Brian Keephimattracted & Brian Nox

  • Release Date: 2016-11-07
  • Genre: Self Development
  • ℗ © 2016 Brian Keephimattracted, Brian Nox

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F**k Him!: Nice Girls Always Finish Sing Brian Keephimattracted & Brian Nox

Summary : F**k Him!: Nice Girls Always Finish Single (Unabridged)

The MANipulator manual. Keep your man interested and begging for more without playing games.

Let me start off by explaining I am in no way talking about the sexual act. F**k him, in this case, is not physical - it's mental.

So many women get in trouble in their love lives, and 99.9 percent of that trouble could have been avoided if they'd said "Well, f**k him!" a bit more often. Too many women are way too nice and compliant to their men, especially when these men don't deserve that kind of treatment.

And yet, every woman I've ever met tries to not be needy or wear her heart on her sleeve. She simply wants to protect her feelings. Nevertheless, most women I've coached have had men seem very interested only to disappear suddenly. These women are left standing in the dark. Once the guy vanishes, they often find out it's easier to get the president of the United States on the phone than the man who seemingly really liked them...just not enough to stick around.

This should stop.

I, as a dating coach and author of books for women who want to get men, cannot take it anymore. You deserve better. This is not your fault. It's his! What if there was a way to change a guy's behavior? What if you could get into his head and take over the driver's wheel? What if you could make him do more of the things that you appreciate and need and less of the bad behaviors you dislike? At first, this might seem impossible. Nevertheless, I'm sure you've already met women who are good at manipulating their men.

Enter the high-value woman. You know her. You've seen her. She's the woman who always has great men drooling over her. It's the woman you see getting all the attention. You often wonder, "How does she do it? What do they see in her? What does she know that I don't?"

Are you ready to implement her strategies?

Then start listening right now to find out

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