Flying in the Pool: Adventures of a Pan Am Steward (Unabridged) - Steve Priske

Flying in the Pool: Adventures of a Pan Am Steward (Unabridged)

By Steve Priske

  • Release Date: 2017-05-03
  • Genre: Travel & Adventure
  • ℗ © 2017 Priske

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Flying in the Pool: Adventures of a Pan Steve Priske

Summary : Flying in the Pool: Adventures of a Pan Am Steward (Unabridged)

This book documents my life and death experiences as a steward and Purser flying for Pan American World Airways during the heyday of ground breaking widebody aircraft such as the 747SP, L1011-500, and DC-10-30....

While most carriers would call their back up flight attendants "reserve crew", at Pan Am if you were on reserve, you were "flying in the pool"....

While flying in the pool, one could be sent anywhere in Pan Am's global system and you might be gone for days, even weeks at a time. Due to the uncertainties of flying in the pool, many missed anniversaries and birthdays, relationships and marriages fell apart...unexpected romances and horrible tragedies would happen as a result of flying in the pool...looking back at my log books, photos, and company records, it seems for me the best trips I ever had and the worst flights I ever had, happened while flying in Pan Am's pool.

At this point I'm half-way through my 10 years with Pan Am and have already experienced two deaths in flight, two emergency landings, made it through a scary spy mission into the war torn Middle East, when once again flying in the pool, I'm assigned a week long charter flight. Destinations: Milan, Paris, and Athens. Normally airline crews look forward to charter flights....Celebrity encounters: Raquel Welsh, Bettie Davis, Glenn Ford, Richard Simmons, Joe Cocker, John Candy, and many more.

During my 10 years flying for Pan Am, I would have three people die in my arms, saved two passengers lives, experienced two emergency landings, had a plane sabotaged leading to a near crash landing, flew into a hot war zone on a spy mission, and endured numerous bravo whiskies - bomb warnings. I would also have several incredibly memorable globe spanning whirlwind romances with gorgeous Pan Am stewardesses, until it all ended horribly when my fiancée, a newly hired Pan Am stewardess, was killed by terrorists when they blew up Pan Am 103.

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