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Philip Marlowe: Night Tide (Original Recording)

By Original Radio Broadcast

  • Release Date: 2018-08-02
  • Genre: Arts & Entertainment
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Philip Marlowe: Night Tide (Original Rec Original Radio Broadcast

Summary : Philip Marlowe: Night Tide (Original Recording)

"He's looking for romance around the corner - and he knows there's no corner." (Gerald Mohr) 

Tough crimes in a tough world call for a tough man to solve them! That man is Philip Marlowe, Raymond Chandler's king of the hard-boiled detectives - and you'll hear him in 20 radio-noir adventures produced by Norman Macdonnell and starring Gerald Mohr! 

Jeff Corey co-stars as Detective Lieutenant Ybarra, and Larry Dobkin is heard as Detective Lieutenant Matthews, in these action-packed tales of bullets, broads, and the good old fashioned double-cross.  

Episodes Include: Red Wind 09-28-46; The Persian Slippers 10-03-48; The Old Acquaintance 12-26-48; The Orange Dog 01-22-49; The Long Rope 02-05-49; The Dancing Hands 03-19-49; The Name to Remember 04-09-49; The Heat Wave 04-16-49; The Cloak of Kamehameha 04-23-49; The Lady in Mink 04-30-49; The Promise to Pay 05-14-49; Night Tide 05-21-49; The Unfair Lady 06-04-49; The Busy Body 06-18-49; The Headless Peacock 07-16-49; The Mexican Boat Ride 07-30-49; The Strangle Hold 10-05-49; The High-Collared Cape 04-25-50; The Seahorse Jockey 05-02-50; The Fox's Tail 05-23-50

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