Children of the Mind (Unabridged) - Orson Scott Card

Children of the Mind (Unabridged)

By Orson Scott Card

  • Release Date: 2004-08-01
  • Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy
  • ℗ © 2004 Macmillan Audio

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Children of the Mind (Unabridged) Orson Scott Card

Summary : Children of the Mind (Unabridged)

The planet Lusitania is home to three sentient species: a large colony of humans; the Pequeninos; and the Hive Queen, who was brought there by Ender Wiggin. Once again, the enemy (the Starways Congress) has gathered a fleet and is threatening to destroy Lusitania. Ender's oldest friend, Jane, an evolved computer intelligence, is trying to save the three sentient species of Lusitania, but the Starways Congress is destroying the computer world she lives in.
Children of the Mind is the fourth and final volume in the original Ender Saga by Orson Scott Card, winner of the Hugo and Nebula award.

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