Awakening Spirit & Mantra Mysticism - Russill Paul

Awakening Spirit & Mantra Mysticism

By Russill Paul

  • Release Date: 2010-05-05
  • Genre: Arts & Entertainment
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Awakening Spirit & Mantra Mysticism Russill Paul

Summary : Awakening Spirit & Mantra Mysticism

Nada Yoga is a spiritual and healing system that evolved out of the yogic tradition of ancient India, developing alongside the more traditional hatha yoga system of postures. The practice of Nada Yoga uses sound (nada) as the medium through which the goals of yoga (inner peace and physical and spiritual alignment) are realized. On this uniquely peaceful recording, exotic instrumentation and South Indian vocal styling create the perfect ambience for yoga practice or meditation.

Shabda Yoga is a 3000-year old tradition based on Hindu Vedas, considered to be the oldest spiritual texts in the world. In Shabda, mantras, or sacred words are used as a form of meditation called Sandhya Vandhana, which means meeting place, refering to the threshold between states of consciousness. On this moving recording, Russill Paul combines slow chanting of these traditional mantras with traditional South Indian instrumentation to lead you on a soothing and spirited meditative journey to your inner realm.

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