Star Trek: Avenger (Adapted) - William Shatner

Star Trek: Avenger (Adapted)

By William Shatner

  • Release Date: 1997-01-01
  • Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy
  • ℗ © 1997 Simon & Schuster Audio

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Title Writer
Star Trek: Avenger (Adapted) William Shatner

Summary : Star Trek: Avenger (Adapted)

A lethal virogen, inimical to all conventional forms of plant life, threatens the entire Federation with starvation and dissolution. In this moment of Starfleet's greatest need, Captain James T. Kirk, long believed dead, embarks on a desperate quest to find the true source of the mysterious virogen. Elsewhere in the galaxy, Ambassador Spock, his diplomatic efforts stalled by the spread of famine and chaos, returns to his native world of Vulcan to confront a mystery of a deeply personal nature - an investigation that soon leads him to a reunion with a long-lost friend he never expected to see again. Kirk and Spock, together again, must join forces to save a new generation from an awesome menace unleashed by a ruthless interplanetary conspiracy.
The riveting sequel to the New York Times best seller The Return!

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