Diary of a Girl - Moira Mugweni

Diary of a Girl

By Moira Mugweni

  • Release Date: 2018-12-31
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 3.5
From 391 Ratings


The sequel to Diary of a Fat Girl has Burn on a journey of self-discovery. She's looking for answers and she's going to get them. The question is, is she ready for what lies at the end of the road? And when the truth finally comes out, who will be standing by her side?


  • I’m excited but I need answers

    By ZFandomTrash
    YES! I’m super excited about this next book, but why did you have to do this to me?! How did Fred find Burn? Please tell me she’s staying with Warren. What if J’s note wasn’t even to her mom? It could’ve been one of Nana’s husbands? What if it’s a false alarm? What if Fred’s using the father thing as an excuse to try to get Burn? The amount of times I screamed for the first book is unhealthy and I’m looking forward to screaming a lot again 👌🏽
  • Been waiting!

    By Metalgirl2002
    When is this book going to be released??
  • Procrastination Legend

    By Ruley Woozworld
    Been delaying this book for two years!!! Y’all ain’t ever gon do that!! Only me yo for real lol don’t put the book up for preorder if you ain’t done with it felicia
  • Still waiting

    By musicknot7
    I love the first book so much! Still waiting for the second to be released. Which the date has changed twice in the 2 years. I feel an explanation would be greatly appreciated at this point.
  • Can’t Wait…….. ANYMORE

    By Tenayaquin
    First this book was supposed to released in January, then in February. NOW its Expected June 30. Need this book to come out now. NOT VERY HAPPY THE DATE KEEPS CHANGING Update- just got pushed back to 31 Dec. 2017 .Really want to read this but is it worth the third or fourth date change. NO!!! Make up your mind!!!!! Update now it’s to come out Dec 2018??😐
  • Is this book happening?!

    By Jkress21
    I’ve had this book preordered for almost 2 years with no update at all. Super bummed because I really loved the first one.
  • Omg

    By Micah11
    I loved the first book. Went ahead and pre ordered the next one since it was coming out at the end of June (pre ordered at the beginning of June). It had changed twice before I decided to pre order and now it's not coming out till the end of this year. Seriously. Update- I put 5 stars so everyone can see this. I have waited almost TWO YEARS for this book. I look the author up on google, and it says she has a strong relationship with procrastination. Come on. You have fans who are dying to read this book. 🤬🤬
  • What the hell

    By Melzzz123
    Only giving this 5 stars bc I want people to see this bc I DONT UNDERSTAND. Why has this book been pushed back for 2 years? I waited for 1 year and the date kept on being pushed back. I'm fine with it not being ready, but for 2 years with repeated push back dates?? Can we just stick to one permanent date? So I don't get my hopes up each time a date comes up?
  • Why!

    By bcmomma1212
    This is starting to really aggravate me. I’ve had this book preordered for over a year. Why do they continuously change the date on when it comes out. This is ridiculous.
  • Don’t pre-order

    By Anaa77
    I paid for the pre-order and now still have to pay it again!!