Diary of a Girl - Moira Mugweni

Diary of a Girl

By Moira Mugweni

  • Release Date: 2019-06-01
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 3.5
From 446 Ratings


The sequel to Diary of a Fat Girl has Burn on a journey of self-discovery. She's looking for answers and she's going to get them. The question is, is she ready for what lies at the end of the road? And when the truth finally comes out, who will be standing by her side?


  • Take your time!

    By leag5us
    Great work takes time. I’ll be patient.
  • Her fb is deleted. This book ain't happening

    By lonelysoul1121
    Trust me. Get your refund. Don't buy it. It's never coming out because the author had issues writing this book because because she's scared of it not being as good as the first one. Two, the release date has been postponed for about 3 years. I thought she got her act together asking saying that her editor and marketing was doing it's finally round. Aka she wanted to milk this as much as she cold. I'm not surprised the release date got pushed back. Honestly cut your losses and get that refund cause THIS BOOK. AINT. NEVER. HAPPENING. NEVER
  • How do I cancel pre-order

    By Jordy#12
    It’s keeps getting delayed
  • Date

    By ParkJimin❤️
    Why does it keep getting pushed back?! I waited 3 years I am getting old!
  • Waiting gets old!

    By Amymel00
    This book release date keeps changing, we been waiting years for this. It was said 1/31/19 I am like cool, check again now 6/1/19. Don’t advertise it because it’s obviously not going to happen, or at least put something out there on why! Smh
  • Diary of a Girl

    By angiehankes
    I’m gonna cancel. The date keeps getting pushed out farther and farther.
  • 3 years waiting

    By prinsesofgod
    Listen don’t play, don’t promise a sequel and then continue to push the release date back every time! That’s the worst way to lose ur fans. Seriously just don’t. Fed up with this sh*t.
  • Not happening, once again

    By Love2ReadAlways
    After reading the first book, I was pretty excited that there would be another one right away. And wouldn’t you know it had been pushed back time and time, again. Low and behold, what happened is that it has been pushed back to June of 2019. I feel that by extending the date further, the author has let down the readers by not upholding their word and giving us the book, says a lot About their work or in this case lack of it. Just too tired of waiting.
  • This review is regarding pre-order

    By foreverrrtann
    The book was great! I was glued to it! However, I preordered and it was set for release January 31st, 2019. Well that’s today and guess what? They changed the date to June 2019. Really?! If you read the other reviews I guess it’s been changed 3 times. That’s ridiculous. I’m very upset about the constant change of the release date.
  • So frustrating!

    By Jessy1989
    Every time the date gets closer it gets pushed back again and again! 🙄 I just want to see what happens. Stop pushing the date back, you’ve got a lot of angry readers. 😂