Diary of a Girl - Moira Mugweni

Diary of a Girl

By Moira Mugweni

  • Release Date: 2019-01-28
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 3.5
From 412 Ratings


The sequel to Diary of a Fat Girl has Burn on a journey of self-discovery. She's looking for answers and she's going to get them. The question is, is she ready for what lies at the end of the road? And when the truth finally comes out, who will be standing by her side?


  • Ummmm hello

    By ixylajooo
    I literally loved the first one and have been waiting since 2015 (the numbers are in all caps of course) for the sequel! First expected in 2016, then 2017 now expected in 2019! I know writing a book is hard but common!!!!! I NEED to know what else happens!!!!!!!
  • Over it

    By Saynotogreedypandora
    Delayed again.. not waiting any longer
  • 2nd book not happening -get your $ back

    By Fave app ever
    2nd Book not happening. Cancelling preorder obviously writer has writers block and has no intention on continuing the story. Which it’s fine it happens but Apple and the author should have more respect for its readers and cancel the book presale when it’s obvious that it isn’t happening. To cancel: Settings->(your name on top)-> iTunes & App Store ->Apple ID->Pre Orders ->Click Cancel and get your money back.
  • Second book ever coming out?

    By tessa.322
    I’ve been waiting for this since at least 2017 or so, it keeps getting delayed every single month. I was hoping it would come out dec 31, 2018 like it said because that was already delayed several months but now it’s January. I honestly don’t think we’ll ever get the next book and if we do it’ll be years from now. Reread the first one several times anticipating this one.
  • Book 2. Diary of a Girl

    By BooknerdCO
    Seriously, how do you cancel a pre-order. The wait on this has been ridiculous.
  • Never came out

    By Asdr86
    I was really looking forward to the release of this book, but since the release date has been changed three times I gave up waiting and cancelled my pre order.
  • Now held back until 2019?!?!?!?!

    By Issy's MomMom
    I’ve had authors surprise fans with an early release on a preorder so I thought I’d check. Then I thought, hmm, why so many reviews. People are complaining that they’ve preordered this book 2 years ago?!? A week or two, I get. I don’t get changing dates for years. I’d change agents and/or publisher if I were the author. Clearly it wasn’t ready 2 years ago so I’m doubting it’ll be ready December 2018. NYE I might add, so yeah almost 3 years? If this preorder doesn’t happen by end of year, after 3-4 changes of release date, I’m removing mine and petitioning Apple to stop carrying works by this author.
  • Been waiting 2 yrs

    By DanielaP178
    I really liked the first book and I have been waiting forever for the this one to come out.It keeps getting delayed. It been 2 years now
  • Ridiculous

    By Ushddhwvhdc
    I have been waiting for this book since the beginning of my freshman year.. I am a senior now 🙃
  • Waiting

    By Babykai12
    Never gonna be done