The Perfect School - Charles Brandick

The Perfect School

By Charles Brandick

  • Release Date: 2011-10-26
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 5
From 7 Ratings


Put on your helmets and lace up your walking shoes. Make sure not to trip, you might get a bruise. We are crossing Sprawling City to a quaint little street. There we’ll find the school that was once so perfect and sweet, until came that day… The day perfect Johnny D. tripped and hurt his knee. An event that would surely (mildly) damage Perfect School's impeccable reputation. If only the short-sighted staff of P.S. weren't ready with their solution. A NEW SCHOOL RULE!


Did it help? I wouldn't say. But what the heck we're here to learn through example so tag along with the staff and students of Perfect School as they hold long meetings, point even longer fingers, and do their best to abide by the new rules.

The Perfect School is a satirical view on the current state of public education. Addressing issues from scripted lessons to "walking recess", labor politics to red-tape bureaucracy and the charter movement, The Perfect School lets no one off the hook and pulls no punches. Whether you’re an educator, parent, student or concerned citizen, you are invited to read the book, laugh a little, and join in on the discussion on how to improve your local school.

The day the RULES came to stay.


  • Good Reflection

    By John Prindle
    This book speaks of the improbable functioning of our school system and does it in a way that is enjoyable to read. A must read if you want an insight into the issues of public education of our successors.
  • Sooo true!

    By Pre-K Teach
    I have worked for LAUSD for three years and this book really shows how hard it is to be a teacher in any school in a fun and catchy way. Anyone working for a school or if you are a parent get this book.
  • Great Storytelling and Funny!

    By Another Teacher
    This book really captures what it's like working in public education. As a teacher for the past 6 years, I have had my own share of concerns, and I am glad that someone is telling a story that resinates with my concerns. If only more people read this book, then maybe we would stop having so many meetings, and could get things done!
  • About Time!

    By Miss V. Kinder
    We have needed a book for a long time that depicts accurately the struggles in education through comedy. This book helped me look at the problems and conflicts with a hope that if we can work together, we could solve them.