50 Best Jokes Ever - Jane Parks

50 Best Jokes Ever

By Jane Parks

  • Release Date: 2012-08-08
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 3
From 50,468 Ratings


Love jokes? Here's 50 of the best! All your favorites including the best "Yo Mama" jokes, "Knock, Knock" jokes and more ...


  • Pretty good

    By SelfieNotMe
    You should make a really good comic book but make it free. I can’t find any really good books that are free
  • Best jokes ever

    By Elvis Beeblebrox
    Not the best jokes ever. The oldest jokes ever. 7 year olds or younger may get a chuckle.
  • Awesome knock knocks

    By Ktedmonb
    Amazing book. Annoyed my friends and family and absolutely delighted me.
  • 50 Best Jokes Ever

    By Quail Watcher 80
    This book was so bad that even though it was free, I want my money back.
  • 50 best knock knock jokes.

    By jeb209
    The worst jokes ever written and I luv em. A bunch of knock knock, your mama, why did the chicken cross the road, and well you get the point.
  • Funny

    By The Great & Powerful Fafa
    It’s a good book to pass the time a entertain yourself and friends but I don’t get some of the jokes and I’m not a blonde
  • Funny

    By blonde_02
    It was cute and the jokes were super funny especially the blonde jokes
  • Good, but needs more

    By Yolo Boom😐
    I love the jokes but I would like more. Also I don’t understand some of them. But overall, it’s great!👍🏻
  • Hello

    By poopfacehog
    My name is pooping and I look constipated so deal with it!
  • This was amazing

    By Yggy
    Friend:NO It’s esw