The River Nymph - Shirl Henke

The River Nymph

By Shirl Henke

  • Release Date: 2013-04-25
  • Genre: Historical



When professional gamblers Clint Daniels and Delilah Raymond face off across a poker table, events get very wild very fast.  He loses his steamboat, the clothes off his back, and all hell breaks out on the St. Louis levee.


The situation gets even wilder after the rivals become reluctant business partners.  On the long journey up the Missouri River to Montana Territory the adversaries fall in love.  But as their riverboat takes them farther into the wilderness, Delilah watches her smooth-talking "southern gentleman" slowly revert to an earlier identity--Lighting Hand, the savage "White Sioux," known by his enemies as the Pawnee Killer.

Will The River Nymph carry him too far for redemption?
Will the ghosts of the past "win" his soul?
Or will a determined Delilah be Clint's ace in the hole?