Loving Lucifer at Midnight - Shirl Henke

Loving Lucifer at Midnight

By Shirl Henke

  • Release Date: 2013-12-05
  • Genre: Historical



Lucifer is the code name of Sir Blake Hawksworth, Regency England’s most successful spy. Blake’s only failure was accidentally caused by an arrogant French girl. She not only ruined one of his most cunning plots, she humiliated him beyond bearing. He has never forgotten nor forgiven.

Dark Angel was the code name of Lady Jenette Beavrivage, Baroness Rochemonde. The young Frenchwoman worked for the English, freeing political prisoners from Napoleon’s dungeons. Then, one night she had to drag an Englishman, bound and gagged, from a French jail—after he had refused to leave it!

Seven years later their paths cross again among the Quality of the glittering Ton. Still a spy, Lucifer blackmails his Dark Angel, forcing her to join him on a mission to keep England and the Continent from erupting in chaos. By night, Lucifer's passion torments and tantalizes her body. But by day, the kind, sensitive Sir Blake, a bumbling financier, begins to lay claim to her heart.

Only when she learns that ruthless spy and gentle financier are the same man, does an enraged Jeni fear that betrayal may be the price for....Loving Lucifer at Midnight