Deadly Harvest - Shirl Henke

Deadly Harvest

By Shirl Henke

  • Release Date: 2014-05-01
  • Genre: Suspense



Adam Wade drifts into Napa Valley to work the vines at Chateau Beaumont while trying to escape a troubled past. The darkly handsome field hand feels drawn to Joe Beaumont's elder daughter Marti. He sees behind her disguise of horn-rimed glasses and dowdy clothing to the true beauty she hides. They share an idyllic summer of laughter and love as Marti blossoms under Adam's touch. But then he vanishes, leaving Marti alone, heart-broken and in trouble.


Four years later Adam returns to the Valley, his worn Levis replaced by an Armani suit, now a cold-eyed stranger with vengeance in his heart. Believing he deserted her, Marti has fought the memories that haunt her. Now she learns her lover is a Moreland, the scion of a rival wine dynasty. Marti confronts a man she believes is a callous enemy. But when they are reunited, she has become everything he knew she could be, a cool, confident woman and a gifted artist who runs her father's winery. Marti will be damned if she'll let this corporate raider get his hands on Chateau Beaumont, or harm her father…or take what is hers.


During his summer love affair with Marti, someone has made numerous attempts on Adam's life, which continue after he takes over his father's wine empire. Is it a business rival? Marti's hostile father? Or the Beaumont winemaster who lost Marti to a man he believed to be a penniless drifter? Now that Adam has returned to Napa, his enemy strikes not just at him but at what he holds far more precious than his wealth or even his life. But Adam Moreland has not run with the wolves for years without developing his own "fangs." He will kill to protect what is his.