Transgender: The Transgender Mirror Effect (Unabridged) - Jessica Hamilton

Transgender: The Transgender Mirror Effect (Unabridged)

By Jessica Hamilton

  • Release Date: 2015-06-12
  • Genre: Science & Nature
  • ℗ © 2015 Jessica Hamilton

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Transgender: The Transgender Mirror Effe Jessica Hamilton

Summary : Transgender: The Transgender Mirror Effect (Unabridged)

In a world that suffers from intolerance and discrimination, every bit of information about being transgender is valuable for transgender people themselves, their families, their friends, and the general public.

Being transgender is a reality that is slowly, but surely, being understood. Out of the many biological and psychological theories that attempts to explain it, the mirror effect provides some of the best clues. Through this effect and the other available theories, misconceptions can be debunked, errors can be corrected, and most importantly, true understanding can be achieved.

The term "transgender" may be relatively young, but gender dysphoria may have existed since ancient times. Only in more recent years has being transgender been identified, studied, and most importantly, labeled. Words are powerful and they create an anchor in which transgender people can either define or refuse to define themselves.

By listening to Transgender: The Mirror Effect you will learn:
About transgender identities & behaviors Terminology Differences between gender & sexuality About gender identity development & dysphoria What the mirror effect is About transitioning FAQs Much, much more!
Transgender people fight an uphill battle in a world that may not yet be fully ready for their acceptance. However, with information available, like this audiobook, the battle may prove to be victorious both for those who are transgender - through acceptance - and those who are not - through understanding.

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