44 Secrets for Great Soccer Coaching (Unabridged) - Mirsad Hasic

44 Secrets for Great Soccer Coaching (Unabridged)

By Mirsad Hasic

  • Release Date: 2016-05-25
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors
  • ℗ © 2016 Mirsad Hasic

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44 Secrets for Great Soccer Coaching (Un Mirsad Hasic

Summary : 44 Secrets for Great Soccer Coaching (Unabridged)

Discover the keys to becoming a successful soccer coach.

There are a few keys that will either make or break your soccer coaching and in this book, you'll discover what they are. Without knowing these keys and adapting them in your coaching, it's really hard to reach success as a soccer coach. One of these keys is to always show engagement because if you don't, your players will never appreciate your efforts and their respect for your coaching abilities will be highly limited.

Avoiding Common Soccer Coaching Pitfalls

As a soccer coach, you will have a great responsibility, and failing to avoid the common coaching pitfalls could cost you a lot of energy and frustration. Some of the common pitfalls you will learn how to avoid are:
Avoiding over-coaching and the negative impact of it. Why you should never abuse your authority as coach. Meeting your players' expectations and making them happy. How to avoid overwhelming your players? Handling with players who think they are bigger than the team.
These are just few of the pitfalls I will cover, and I will also give you real examples from my own soccer career what could happen if you get stuck in any of these.

Developing Your Soccer Coaching Philosophy

As a coach, you need to look for different ways on how to develop yourself and take your skills to another level. A lot of coaches tend to get stuck in the same behavior and never actually reflect over what they can do in order to improve their coaching philosophy. In this book, I will present a few highly efficient strategies you can use and also explain the benefits behind them. Realize that it is your responsibility to constantly look for strategies that can help you take your coaching philosophy to another level!

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