The Green Dwarf (Unabridged) - Charlotte Brontë

The Green Dwarf (Unabridged)

By Charlotte Brontë

  • Release Date: 2017-04-21
  • Genre: Classics
  • © 2017 Spoken Realms

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The Green Dwarf (Unabridged) Charlotte Brontë

Summary : The Green Dwarf (Unabridged)

The little-known first novella of Charlotte Bronte, The Green Dwarf is a story of adventure, subterfuge, romance, and danger. Lady Emily Charlesworth is awaiting the return of her lover, Leslie, who is a down-on-his luck artist. However, the dastardly, coldhearted Colonel Percy is also vying for her heart and will stop at nothing to make Emily his own.

Narration by Noel Badrian.

Cast: Charley - Noel Badrian; Leslie and Ronald - Andy Harrington; Lady Emily Charlesworth - Amanda Friday; Colonel Percy - Jeff Moon; Bud - Richard Andrews; Arthur - Chris Marcellus; Gifford and Marquis - John Burlinson; Duke of Wellington - Russell Gold; Red-Haired Contender and S'Death - Ben Stevens; Footman and Travers - David Prickett; Andrew - Brett Downey; General Leaf - Joseph Tabler; Emperor and Bobadil - Alan Weyman; Empress, Bertha, and Alice - K. G.Cross; Spectre and Dick Crack-Skull - Ron Altman; Frederick De Lisle and Frenchman - Marty Kris; Matilda De Lisle/Duchess - Elizabeth Klett; Guard, Quashie, and Servant - Garrison Moore.

Audio edited by Amanda Friday.

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