Lean Travel: Travel Light with a Full Heart (Unabridged) - Paul A. Akers

Lean Travel: Travel Light with a Full Heart (Unabridged)

By Paul A. Akers

  • Release Date: 2017-05-15
  • Genre: Travel & Adventure
  • ℗ © 2017 FastCap Press

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Lean Travel: Travel Light with a Full He Paul A. Akers

Summary : Lean Travel: Travel Light with a Full Heart (Unabridged)

Less is More. Give more and take less...from how you act, to how you pack.

About 10 years ago, I decided that I wanted to become a world-class giver. You might be thinking, "Why are you telling me this at the beginning of a book called Lean Travel?" The reason is quite simple. In order to have a great travel experience, you must approach it from the standpoint that you are going to treat all the people you encounter with dignity and respect, understanding that they are working hard to help you have a great trip. If you regularly give them your respect, your smile, your encouragement, and your gratitude, your travel will be a blessing!

In addition to being grateful, another way to make your travel experience more fulfilling is to live by the adage that "less is more". In a Lean Travel context, this means travel light. For example, I bought a pair of high-quality Keen sandals, thinking they would be the ultimate travel sandal. After a few trips around the world, however, I realized they were really quite bulky and heavy. They were also a bit overkill for what I needed, which was mostly when walking to the hotel pool or restaurant. So, in adherence to my philosophy of traveling light, I found a very inexpensive pair of sandals for five bucks and I turned in my $70 pair of Keens. This is a perfect example of lean travel, because it demonstrates how a simple two-second improvement can make travel more effective and enjoyable. My suitcase weighed about four pounds less, everything packed up easier, and the new sandals were absolutely perfect for my needs.

As you start this book, I want you to understand the two main parts of my philosophy. First, what you give in the travel experience will have a profound impact on how much you enjoy it. Second, the less you bring and the lighter you travel, the more you will be able to feel and adapt to the fantastic trade winds of the travel experience. So travel with a full heart and a light suitcase!

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