Most Valuable Playboy (Unabridged) - Lauren Blakely

Most Valuable Playboy (Unabridged)

By Lauren Blakely

  • Release Date: 2017-09-05
  • Genre: Romance
  • ℗ © 2017 Lauren Blakely Books

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Most Valuable Playboy (Unabridged) Lauren Blakely

Summary : Most Valuable Playboy (Unabridged)

Hands down, my favorite thing in the world is to score. Touchdowns. Don't let the fact that I'm the leading pick in the Most Valuable Playboy charity auction fool you. These days, I'm only a player on the field. I've kept my pants zipped all season long - and it is long - because nothing's more important than leading my team to victory every week. Except maybe escaping from the team owner's recently widowed and handsy-as-hell sister, who's dead set on winning more than a date with me. Enter Violet and a well-placed Hail Mary. She's my best friend's sister with a smile as sweet as cherry pie, and a mind that runs quicker than the 40-yard-dash.

After Violet saves the day with the highest bid, I don't even give her a two-minute warning before I kiss her in front of the whole crowd, and then announce that she's my girlfriend. Which would be fine, except my agent tells me we've got to keep up the act while he's negotiating my contract. Violet takes one for the team and pretends to be mine, but our boyfriend-girlfriend scrimmage quickly turns into a full contact sport, and I want it to go into overtime. The problem is - I've been riding the bench for years. How can a guy like me, who finally has a chance to prove his worth on the field, convince the girl she's most valuable to his heart?

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