The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library - Jim Rohn

The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library

By Jim Rohn

  • Release Date: 2017-10-31
  • Genre: Self-Development
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The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library Jim Rohn

Summary : The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library

So, what is it about Jim Rohn that has made him so tremendously effective in teaching others how to become so massively successful? 

The answer is he has a unique way of helping you discover that you are so much more capable and powerful than you have ever imagined. Jim's own rise from rags to riches has been well documented and his list of students reads like a Who's Who of top achievers. Those who learn from him can become virtually unstoppable. Jim Rohn recognized that it takes longer for some people to flip on the "success switch" every person has inside them. He knew some people simply have it buried deeper inside. That's why his scope of personal and professional success material covers such a broad range of penetrating breakthrough concepts. He learned early on that every area of successful living had to be covered so he could help the largest group of people learn to create massive success in their lives. 

We all know people who have built a prosperous life and are enjoying the ongoing perks that go with that life. They have discovered that powerful spark, that switch, that success generator that lies within them...and they have used it to create a prosperous life they enjoy. The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library was created to help you do just that. 

Your mind is remarkable, powerful...even miraculous! 

We are proud and excited to announce a breakthrough body of work from this world-renowned success philosopher, teacher, and motivator. Nightingale-Conant has compiled and distilled his most thought-provoking, income-generating, and fulfillment-producing ideas into 10 remarkable, easy-to-listen-to-and-apply modules. It contains nothing short of his most impactful success-defining ideas and strategies and they can literally reshape your life, no matter how deeply buried your "success switch" is. 

We have taken the vast body of Rohn's work and distilled it down to a "prescription" for successful living. Here are the 10 modules you get with The Ultimate Jim Rohn Library
Volume One: The Empowering Philosophy of Personal Responsibility  Volume Two: Tapping the Magic of Personal Development  Volume Three: Adapting Desirable Discipline: The Key To Achieving and Sustaining Your Success  Volume Four: Developing Rewarding Character Virtues  Volume Five: The Key Ingredients for Dramatic Life Change  Volume Six: The Miracle of Goal-Setting and Goal Achievement  Volume Seven: Proven Strategies for Financial Independence  Volume Eight: Simple Steps to Living an Abundant Lifestyle  Volume Nine: The Art and Skill of Inspiring Leadership  Volume Ten: The Short Cut to Success and Happiness 
If you're ready to flip the success switch within you, I strongly encourage you to explore this new step-by-step audio course that helps you mine the talents and skills within you. 

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