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Boston Blackie, Collection 2 (Original Recording)

By Black Eye Entertainment

  • Release Date: 2018-06-13
  • Genre: Arts & Entertainment
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Boston Blackie, Collection 2 (Original R Black Eye Entertainment

Summary : Boston Blackie, Collection 2 (Original Recording)

Author Jack Boyle created the modern Robin Hood-like character, Horatio Black, known to friend and foe as Boston Blackie. Blackie was a reformed jewel thief and safecracker, constantly suspected of crimes he did not commit and forced to play the role of detective to clear his name. His girlfriend, Mary Wesley, assisted Blackie from time to time, as did his pal Shorty. Forced to defend himself against the accusations of New York Police Inspector Faraday, Blackie always managed to stay one step ahead of the cops in solving a crime. The wisecracks exchanged between Blackie and Faraday made the program an enjoyable mix of comedy and mystery.  Chester Morris played the character in 15 Boston Blackie films for Columbia. When The Amos ‘n’ Andy Show needed a summer replacement in 1944, Chester Morris was lured to the NBC microphone for a short-lived Boston Blackie series sponsored by Rinso. The following year, Boston Blackie was syndicated by Ziv with Dorothy Kilgallen’s husband, Dick Kollmar, in the title role. This syndicated series lasted until 1950 and featured Maurice Tarplin as Inspector Faraday with Leslie Woods and Jan Miner as Mary. In 1951, the series made the leap to television starring Kent Taylor as Blackie, Lois Collier as Mary, and Frank Orth as Faraday.  Enjoy 12 of the finest detective adventures of Boston Blackie in this thrilling collection! 

5/14/47 “The Joe Adams Drowning Murder”
5/21/47 “Blackie Breaks into Langley Penitentiary”
6/11/47 “Blackie Framed for Killing a Watchman”
6/18/47 “The Donald Carver Frame-Up”
6/25/47 “The Joe Nelson Murder”
7/2/47 “Johnny 'Cash' Burns Imported Wool”
7/9/47 “The Harmonica Man Murder”
7/16/47 “The Construction Gang Bank Robbery”
8/20/47 “The John Austin Murder”
8/27/47 “The Buckley Shakedown Racket”
11/12/47 “Murder, Incorporated”
11/19/47 “Armored Car Murder Case” 

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