Danger on Midnight River - Gary Paulsen

Danger on Midnight River

By Gary Paulsen

  • Release Date: 1997-01-01
  • Genre: Kids & Young Adults
  • © 1997 Recorded Books

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Danger on Midnight River Gary Paulsen

Summary : Danger on Midnight River

Since his father died, Daniel Martin looks forward to summers with his uncle in the mountains. They have a great time practicing outdoor survival skills. But this summer his mother is sending him to Camp Eagle Nest. When he boards the camp van, Daniel’s heart sinks. Three boys from school—who always tease him—are going to camp, too. Soon the driver gets lost. As the van is crossing a rickety bridge, the wooden planks break, plunging the van into the river! Will Daniel be able to save himself and his classmates with his outdoor training? Gary Paulsen, outdoorsman and Newbery-Award winning author, entertains boys and girls with his World of Adventure series. Filled with excitement and the spirit of discovery, his tales captivate the interests of readers of all levels. Danger on Midnight River is the gripping story of four boys learning to trust each other as they struggle to find their way in the harsh land.

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