Brightest Stars,  The - Anna Todd

Brightest Stars, The

By Anna Todd

  • Release Date: 2018-09-18
  • Genre: Romance
  • ℗ © 2018 Blackstone Audio

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Title Writer
Brightest Stars, The Anna Todd

Summary : Brightest Stars, The

Karina seeks stability in every part of her life. At twenty years old, Karina has a quiet job at a massage parlor and a house just outside the army base where her father is stationed... and yet, chaos seems to follow her. Karina saw her parents' marriage fall apart when she was seventeen and then had her life further upended when her father's career forced them to move across the country. After learning that most relationships fail and that even the ones that last are fraught with struggle and instability, Karina just wants to keep her life in a secure place for once. And that means a strict no-dating policy.

As Karina's relationship with her father strains during the lead-up to his deployment and her brother's behavior begins to spiral out of control, Karina's no-dating policy is tested when she meets her new massage client Kale. He comes in for a massage once a week and is always stoic, polite, and on time. Kale seems to have the power to turn the volume down on Karina's busy mind, and he provides a quiet space amid her turmoil. Soon the illusion of Kale's unmoving presence is completely shattered, and Karina allows herself to be drawn into his world, where she suddenly finds herself surrounded by screaming chaos.

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