Build an Empire How to Have it All (Unabridged) - Elena Cardone

Build an Empire How to Have it All (Unabridged)

By Elena Cardone

  • Release Date: 2018-12-05
  • Genre: Self-Development
  • ℗ © 2018 Grant Cardone

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Build an Empire How to Have it All (Unab Elena Cardone

Summary : Build an Empire How to Have it All (Unabridged)

Be honest. Is your life everything you’ve ever dreamed it would be? Do you have the partner, the kids, the career, the community, the social network, and heck, even the car and house you thought you’d one day have? Or have you put your wants and needs on the back burner, not once or twice but repeatedly? Does "maybe tomorrow" have a familiar ring to it? Have you gotten comfortable with the idea of the big picture looking kind of small or being normal for the sake of fitting in? Have a year, five years, even 10 years gone by without any real progress toward your goals?

Build an Empire lays the groundwork for creating, building, and defending an extraordinary career and marriage - an empire, based on the real-life, time-tested and proven principles used by Elena and Grant Cardone in their quest to help seven billion people worldwide. It provides actionable, tangible steps that anyone can take, no matter what their age or where they are in life, to begin the process of building their own personal empire, along with tools, tips, and techniques to stay focused along the way, including:  
How to create clear and sustainable goals for the short and long term  The importance of staying on the same page as your partner  Why rejecting “normal” can serve as the ultimate ticket to freedom  Defending your empire, including practical, real-life tips for personal defense  Where to find the man or woman of your dreams (hint: it’s not at a bar)  
If you’re ready to send your excuses packing and ready to roll up your sleeves and commit to your future, you’ve found a great place to start. Build an Empire is the next best thing to having Elena Cardone as your personal coach and marriage expert - all while taking 100 percent ownership of the life you’re living now.

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