A Moment of Insight (Unabridged) - Suvrat Bhargave, MD

A Moment of Insight (Unabridged)

By Suvrat Bhargave, MD

  • Release Date: 2019-04-11
  • Genre: Science & Nature
  • © 2019 Pinnacle Press

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A Moment of Insight (Unabridged) Suvrat Bhargave, MD

Summary : A Moment of Insight (Unabridged)

The flaw in self-help is the notion of self.

A panic-ridden schoolboy. A high school cutter. A suicidal divorced mother of two. A conflicted young man with OCD and his grieving father. Dr. Bhargave has treated children and adults who sought psychiatry as a last resort to stop feeling empty, misunderstood, and unworthy. None came anticipating a spiritual conquest, and each wanted relief in the quickest way possible. While there was no magic pill for a cure, what evolved time and again, through patience and vulnerability, was the tale of hope through adversity. The result is A Moment of Insight

We all struggle with the same dilemmas. We all question life's purpose. We all feel overwhelmed. We all doubted our worthiness. While A Moment of Insight shines the spotlight on our collective wounds, it also dispenses the collective wisdom of thousands of seekers who dared to be vulnerable within the safe space of a psychiatrist's office. 

Through patient stories and personal accounts, this recollection takes the listener on a journey to calm the mind, fortify the spirit, and release the burdens of life. Each chapter offers practical strategies and thought-provoking narratives to not only understand and persevere through challenging dilemmas, but to see greater purpose in these times. At the beginning of every journey is the moment that incites change…A Moment of Insight.

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