Sourcery: Discworld #5 (Unabridged) - Terry Pratchett

Sourcery: Discworld #5 (Unabridged)

By Terry Pratchett

  • Release Date: 1999-12-16
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • © 1999 ISIS Audio Books

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Sourcery: Discworld #5 (Unabridged) Terry Pratchett

Summary : Sourcery: Discworld #5 (Unabridged)

A sourcerer is born in Discworld: a wizard so powerful that he makes all other magicians look like a bunch of fools in pointy hats. Now, suddenly, Discworld is brought to the brink of an all-out thaumaturgical war. The only hope for peace is Rincewind, the failed magician who has a risky plan to save the world. He enlists the help of several odd new characters, including Conina the barbarian hairdresser, Nijel the Destroyer, and a yuppie genie who sees lamps as a growth industry. This is the fifth book in the Discworld series.

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