Dubliners (Unabridged) - James Joyce

Dubliners (Unabridged)

By James Joyce

  • Release Date: 2008-12-28
  • Genre: Classics
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Dubliners (Unabridged) James Joyce

Summary : Dubliners (Unabridged)

This collection of 15 stories was first published in 1914. James wrote them as descriptions of middle-class life in Ireland, but in each story one or more characters has an "epiphany," - a moment where the character has a speical moment of illumination. Many of the characters in these stories later appear in his novel, Ulysses.  

The stories included are "The Sisters," "An Encounter," "Araby", "Eveline", "After the Race", "Two Gallants", "The Boarding House", "A Little Cloud", "Counterparts", "Clay", "A Painful Case", "A Day in the Committee Room", "A Mother", "Grace", and "The Dead".

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