Manpower 2: Tonight We Wrestle - T.D. Jakes

Manpower 2: Tonight We Wrestle

By T.D. Jakes

  • Release Date: 1994-01-01
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
  • ℗ © 1994 Destiny Image

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Manpower 2: Tonight We Wrestle T.D. Jakes

Summary : Manpower 2: Tonight We Wrestle

Join over 7,000 men who traveled to Atlanta from all over the country to demonstrate their intense desire to be healed, whole, and restored to their rightful place in God. You can now experience that same anointing as Bishop T.D. Jakes challenges and charges the minds of men to arise and come forward in Manpower 2: Tonight We Wrestle.
At last, God raises up a word that turns the hearts of the fathers to the sons as young men and old men wept and worshipped together, while black men and white men prayed for one another. From the boys in the hood to the men in the force, and every male in between, their commonality of need was so evident that what had been a men's meeting became a movement.

Ladies, take this unique opportunity to get an up-close and personal look into the masculine heart. These messages will send a new tremor into the home life of the modern family as God bonds what society has bruised.

While every man in America needs this audiobook, be warned, this is not a series for the timid. It's strong. It's direct. It's confrontational. No, these are not young boys placing blame: These are real men fighting the real battle: "the enemy within-a-me". These men would not go home the way they came. These men decided, shoot or dribble, win or lose, tonight we wrestle!

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