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Opie & Anthony, Chris Jericho, February 16, 2011

By Opie & Anthony

  • Release Date: 2011-02-16
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Opie & Anthony, Chris Jericho, February Opie & Anthony

Summary : Opie & Anthony, Chris Jericho, February 16, 2011

We start the show talking about the news reporter who was sexually assaulted. We talk about why news companies feel like they can safely send people over there. We bring up the Obama budget cuts, and talk about people being too trusting. We talk about the NYC Subway system, and how riding to Coney Island on the train is not safe. Opie reads an instant feedback that rubs him the wrong way and he snaps for a moment. We take some calls and try to figure out whether or not Coney Island is safe. Sam comes in and tells us Chris Jericho mentions us in his new book, so we talk about the first time he came in studio, playing Moongoose McQueen. While Sam is in we talk about The Rock’s return to WWE. We bring up Charlie Sheen and what a wreck he is. Chris Jericho comes in studio to talk about his new book, which chronicles his WWE career. We talk about the Watson computer that’s taking over Jeopardy, and play a clip of Obama cursing by mistake. We talk about all the political hosts that spin things to boost their ratings. Billy Ray Cyrus has come out to say that his family was torn apart, partly by him, and partly by his daughter being on Hannah Montana. Finally we play a couple of old Mancow bits and make fun of him for a while. [Broadcast date: February 16, 2011]

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