Cabin Pressure: The Complete Series 3 - John Finnemore

Cabin Pressure: The Complete Series 3

By John Finnemore

  • Release Date: 2011-12-05
  • Genre: Arts & Entertainment
  • ℗ © 2011 BBC Worldwide Limited

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Cabin Pressure: The Complete Series 3 John Finnemore

Summary : Cabin Pressure: The Complete Series 3

Stephanie Cole, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Roger Allam star in the first series of the hit sitcom about the tiny charter airline for whom no job is too small, but many, many jobs are too difficult. By John Finnemore (‘The News Quiz’, ‘That Mitchell & Webb Sound’) Run by the forbidding divorcée Carolyn Knapp-Shappey (an unfortunate marriage, namewise, but in Carolyn’s opinion, marginally better than Carolyn Shappey-Knapp), her two pilots are the smooth, experienced and almost-certainly-fired-by-a-big-airline-for-all-round naughtiness Douglas, and struggling almost-competent pilot and sweaty man Martin. All-round help is provided by Carolyn’s near-idiot son, Arthur...In the first of the complete six episodes - ""Qikiqtarjuaq"" - when MJN Air flies a party of tourists near the North Pole, Arthur goes hunting for polar bears, Carolyn for a rogue lemon and Martin for a believable French accent...

Then we travel to episode 2 - ""Paris"", and when a bottle of highly-expensive whisky goes missing, Martin becomes the Miss Marple of MJN Air with Arthur assisting as his trusty Doctor Watson and Douglas hindering as his untrusty prime suspect. On to part 3, ""Newcastle"", where love is in the air, but also unfortunately in a small airport in Birmingham - and Martin has to choose between career, romance and fixing a very small tail-light. Part 4 finds us on the way to ""Ottery St Mary"". Martin is a Man With A Van, Douglas flies A Plane With An Otter and Carolyn dates A Pilot With A Problem With Sheep. And two mysteries solved - the name of Carolyn’s dog and the rules of “Yellow Car”.

Arriving at episode 5, ""Rotterdam"", it's Lifejacket, Camera, Action as stardom beckons for one of the crew of MJN Air... but who will get to blow the final whistle? And will they look good in a vest? And in the last episode of the series - ""St. Petersburg"" - some vodka and an unwary bird could spell the end of the line for MJN Air, and when Carolyn meets her ex-husband the atmosphere turns even icier.... With special series guests Timothy West, Anthony Head ('Buffy') and Mark Williams ('The Fast Show').

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