Cuckold Cabin (Unabridged) - J. L. Hugh

Cuckold Cabin (Unabridged)

By J. L. Hugh

  • Release Date: 2012-08-17
  • Genre: Fiction
  • ℗ © 2012 North Shore Fiction

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Cuckold Cabin (Unabridged) J. L. Hugh

Summary : Cuckold Cabin (Unabridged)

Ethan reserves a remote cabin in the woods for himself and his lovely wife, Sophia, as a late honeymoon. Their picturesque hike to the cabin is interrupted by a trail clearing crew that brushes past them while leering at Sophia and snapping Ethan in the face with a branch. When Ethan and Sophia reach the cabin after a hot, long hike they find that the trail clearing crew has settled into their reserved cabin uninvited for the night.

Ethan is disappointed and tries to make the best of the situation but Sophia decides that all three members of the crew are to her liking and leaves Ethan tied up and humiliated in a corner while the crew uses and enjoys her.

Adults only. This story contains extremely graphic cuckold and gangbang action as well as humiliation.

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