The Cherokee - Shirl Henke

The Cherokee

By Shirl Henke

  • Release Date: 2016-02-16
  • Genre: Historical


Ross Chisholm is a loner. No one in Virginia City knows where he came from, only that he is a hired gun who works for a British mining company. His sole friend is a bordello madam. He is well educated yet lives among crude miners and prostitutes, shunned by "respectable" people. When he rescues a wealthy mine owner's daughter from would-be kidnappers, her father asks him to be her bodyguard. Ross knows he should refuse, but the girl is too beautiful and the salary too high. What he does not know is that the price he'll ultimately pay is far higher.

Carolina Randolph is the product of a disastrous marriage between a Charleston belle and a New York Yankee. When they divorce, Caro is whisked off to Paris. As she grows, she eclipses her mother in wit and beauty. Varina's indifference to her daughter becomes animosity. Caro heads for Montana to find her father, only to discover he is not too happy to see her. Then she has several encounters with a striking mixed blood gunman. 

Caro has every man in Virginia City vying for her attention...except Ross. The taciturn Cherokee presents a challenge she cannot ignore. What begins as a curious flirtation becomes a war of wits between the Parisian heiress and her Sorbonne educated bodyguard. Vulnerable and isolated, they find themselves with much in common. When passion flares between them Ross knows he should deny it but Caro is used to getting what she wants…and what she wants is…