A Fire in the Blood - Shirl Henke

A Fire in the Blood

By Shirl Henke

  • Release Date: 2011-01-24
  • Genre: Historical


When Jesse Robbins rode into Cheyenne, the notorious range detective was sure of three things:  the townsfolk would scorn him as a half-breed, the cattle thieves he had been hired to stop would fear him, and proper white ladies would secretly desire him. But he never imagined that a flame-haired spitfire named Lissa Jacobson, his employer’s daughter, would be one of those ladies.

Dark, dangerous and deadly with his Colt revolver, Jess was forbidden to the spoiled, pampered heiress to the largest cattle empire in Wyoming. But the moment Lissa stumbled upon Jess in his bath, she felt the pull of a fascination that she could not deny. Pitting her innocence against his experience, Lissa knew she was playing with fire…but she never imagined that the dancing flames sparking between them could consume them both.

Reviewers on A FIRE IN THE BLOOD:

“Gritty, earthy, powerful…Shirl Henke pens an action-packed Western…The romance, tension and reality are powerful.” 

“Shirl Henke has written a real winner…It’s a buy and keeper.”