Return to Paradise - Shirl Henke

Return to Paradise

By Shirl Henke

  • Release Date: 2011-04-24
  • Genre: Historical


Rigo de Las Casas has plied the brutal trade of mercenary, a sword for hire. He hates his "primitive" blood and despises the white father he mistakenly thinks abandoned him. Then, near death on a French battlefield, he is discovered by Benjamin Torres and learns that he is an heir to the vast Torres estates on Española held by their father Aaron.

Miriam Toulon, a gifted physician, nurses Rigo back to health. But as he grows stronger, so does the strange fascination Miriam feels for the dark stranger who looks like Benjamin's twin cast in shadows. The fascination is mutual, a smoldering coal that bursts into a passionate conflagration. Wracked by the guilt of betraying his brother and disgracing the beautiful Miriam, Rigo agrees to marry "the lady doctor" and sail for Española, though he is certain that his cool aristocratic wife does not share the growing love he feels for her.

When he returns to the paradise of Española, he is bathed in the redemptive love a father whom he mistrusts, a wife of whom he feels unworthy, and a brother whom he betrayed. Yet to gain the birthright that has been restored to him, he must protect the family he has come to love, both Taino and white, from a sly merciless enemy. Rigo Torres must hunt down and destroy "the Fox."

"Historically accurate, compelling and passionate...Shirl Henke once more demonstrates why she is one of the top authors of the genre."

"RETURN TO PARADISE  has strong characters, exotic settings and a wealth of historical detail that swept me away! Rigo is my kind of hero."
Virginia Henley

"RETURN TO PARADISE is a story you'll remember forever...definitely a book you'll keep to read again and again!"