Texas Viscount - Shirl Henke

Texas Viscount

By Shirl Henke

  • Release Date: 2012-01-23
  • Genre: Historical



Prim Sabrina Edgewater, teacher of deportment, first encounters the rogue during a London dockside brawl that earns him the nickname, the "Texas Viscount." Personally, she thinks of him as the "Texas Visigoth," never dreaming that the barbarian is the Earl of Hambleton's heir.


Raised in a Texas bordello, Joshua Cantrell, a former Rough Rider, is brash and bold, a self-made millionaire who only allows Teddy Roosevelt to talk him into becoming a viscount in order to stop an international conspiracy. He doesn't need to be locking horns with a prissy little schoolmarm, even if she is as pretty as an acre of speckled pups.


Wild Texan and proper Englishwoman strike sparks off each other whenever they meet. Then the wily Lord Hambleton makes Sabrina an offer she cannot resist. He will fund the charity school she has always dreamed of opening. In return, she must take the rough edges off his heir, a task Sabrina believes can only be accomplished with a mallet and chisel. As she dares to risk her reputation in order to achieve her heart's desire, Sabrina comes to realize that her heart's desire is not the school, but the wild and wooly Texan.

“Henke incorporates witty dialogue and plenty of sexual tension into a suspenseful plot.”  Kathe Robin, Romantic Times

“A well-researched plot, hilarious scenes between wonderfully matched protagonists, and lively repartee. Simply outstanding!”  Marilyn Rondeau, www.historicalromancewriters.com 

“Hilarious, beautifully written with passion dripping off the pages.”  Anon, Amazon

“A wonderful historical tale of manners.”  Harriet Klausner, Amazon