Bride of Fortune - Shirl Henke

Bride of Fortune

By Shirl Henke

  • Release Date: 2012-03-21
  • Genre: Historical



Nicholas Fortune is a war-weary mercenary who has wandered the world searching for a home. Born in a New Orleans bordello, Nick has never belonged anywhere. His only loyalty is to himself until, amid the flames of revolution, he takes another man's identity...and his wife.


Mercedes Alvarado is a half-English, half Spanish heiress whose delicate golden beauty conceals a spine of steel. She survives the desertion of her husband, the scorn of his aristocratic family and the ravages of a civil war, holding together a vast estate until her soldier husband returns to claim it...and her.

The dark and dangerous man who rides home to that birthright touches her soul with fiery need. He becomes the husband of heart, but is he really Lucero Alvarado...or a stranger with her husband's face?