Falling in Love - Shirl Henke

Falling in Love

By Shirl Henke

  • Release Date: 2012-07-30
  • Genre: Historical


A Novella
Denver, Colorado

In the rambunctious American west of 1875, Ian Warfield is an English nobleman disguised as a lowly groom with a lumbering English sheepdog named Samson. Chastity O'Roarke is an Irish swindler masquerading as a wealthy widow with a feisty Persian cat named Delilah. Obviously, Ian and Chas are meant for each other.

As the reader might expect, they do fall in love...and fall, and fall, and fall:  out of the window of a fashionable Denver mansion, out of the branches of an ornamental tree on the grounds of a rustic estate, down a shaft in a deserted gold mine. Cupid may have wings but these two don't.  It's an iffy proposition whether the lovers will wind up at the altar or in the hospital.  With Ian and Chas, the course of true love is precipitously vertical--straight down like a dropped rock! Even Samson and Delilah have more sense...or better balance.