White Apache's Woman - Shirl Henke

White Apache's Woman

By Shirl Henke

  • Release Date: 2012-10-15
  • Genre: Historical


SANTIAGO QUINN was an aristocrat by birth, a Lipan Apache by choice.  He was called Red Eagle by his adopted people.  But he was known from Santa Fe to St. Louis as an infamous and deadly renegade, the "White Apache."

ELISE LOUVOIS was an agent for President Jefferson on a dangerous mission to keep cunning, unscrupulous men from provoking a war between Spain and the weak Republic. And she would do anything to stop that from happening.

Running from the past, Quinn had no intention of becoming entangled with the haughty female who hired him to guide her down the Camino Real to Santa Fe.  So much for good intentions.  The raven-haired beauty was an enigma at best, at worst a fatal distraction.  Elise's cool violet eyes betrayed none of her secrets, but her warm, willing body came alive under his touch.  She mystified the renegade.  She would risk imprisonment by the Spanish, capture by the Indians, and death in a tornado, but she would not risk her vulnerable heart.  Eventually, the only thing Quinn was sure of was that, in spite of his enemies and hers, he would make this elusive, mysterious, maddening creature the...